Iron Bridge was founded in 2011 to simplify interoperability in today's complex healthcare ecosystem.

Iron Bridge was founded in 2011 to simplify interoperability in today's complex
healthcare ecosystem. Frustrated by the antiquated approach and technologies
employed by legacy healthcare technology vendors, Iron Bridge set out to build
a cloud-based platform to make healthcare interoperability affordable and to align
with the latest trends in mobile and cloud computing.

Our solutions allow organizations to harness the power of the cloud to easily exchange health data securely. Gone are the days of investing in expensive hardware and software licenses to solve simple healthcare integration challenges.

We have helped over 100 organizations meet their integration goals in our early existence. At Iron Bridge, we make simple healthcare integration easier, and we make complex healthcare integration possible.


Forged in the Steel City in 2011, Iron Bridge was created to bring a modern approach to healthcare interoperability.

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Music City USA? One might find Nashville as an odd choice for the Iron Bridge Information Technology offices.

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Discover The Advantage

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    Finally, a cost-effective approach to addressing your organizations healthcare data exchange needs. Gain scalability and efficiencies moving data across the healthcare information ecosystem through our Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (Hi-PaaS).

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  • Data Acquisition

    Data Acquisition

    Need data? Iron Bridge has been successfully helping organizations such as: ACOs, HIEs, Pharma, and Population Health companies quickly feed their data analytics platforms from multiple clinical solutions, data formats, and standards securely through the cloud.

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  • Registry Reporting

    Registry Reporting

    Our Public Health and Specialized Registry Clearinghouse provides organizations such as: EHR vendors, Pharmacies, and Hospitals with a quick and cost effective way to connect to Public Health and Specialized Registries nationwide.

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