Patient access solution for EHR vendors and health plans

Designed for :
21st Century Cures Act
ONC and CMS Interoperability Final Rule 2020

  • Native FHIR

    Built on FHIR v4 with native FHIR data models and RESTful API.

  • USCDI v1

    USCDI v1 compliant and can store and service full USCDI v1 to patients and partners.

  • EHI Export

    Export electronic health information safely and securely for patient access.

  • As a Service

    Plug your EHR, Payer System, or any HIT into fhirstation for instant Final Rule compliance


What is fhirstation?

Fhirstation is a turn-key scalable, secure, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for electronic health record (EHR) vendors, health plans, hospitals, providers, and any other entities that must provide patient data through a United States Core Data for Interoperability(USCDI) v1 FHIR v4 API and Electronic Health Information Export for the HHS Final Rule and CMS interoperability rule.

Fhirstation breaks down information blocking by enabling information exchange between patients, health IT developers, health systems, EHR vendors, and payers.

Fhirstation Features

Native FHIR Icon

Native FHIR

Data stored in Native FHIR v4 data models. No need to translate to a proprietary API and data model.

Scalable Icon


Built on key-value and document database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale.

Secure Icon


SMART on FHIR ready for patient access applications of the future.

analytics Icon


Unlock the power of your data through a customized data lake with powerful data analytics tools.

Multi Tenant Icon


Isolate customer data down to a single EHR location, pharmacy store, ambulatory practice, hospital, or health plan or aggregate it all the way up to the largest entity.

Adapters Icon


Adapters available to translate and transform EHR and health plan data into FHIR data models.

Terminology Icon


Terminology services available for industry coding systems (Snomed, ICD-10, RxNorm) and custom value sets.

Services Icon


Implementation services available to quickly unlock EHR and health plan data or do it yourself with fhirstation adapters.

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