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Public Health and Specialized Registries

Iron Bridge has been providing Public Health and Specialized Registry reporting clearinghouse solutions since the onset of Meaningful Use. Many Healthcare Information Technology and electronic health record vendors, pharmacies, hospitals, and providers are already experiencing the power of our clearinghouse solution by reducing cost and achieving Meaningful Use through the hundreds of point-to-point connections that Pub Hub provides.


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“We chose IBI because of their extensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare integration,” said Derek Schoonover, Vice President of Falcon EHR. “We have clients across the United States, and when one of those states makes a change to its requirements, IBI will manage and update Pub Hub.”

“This strategic partnership with Iron Bridge exemplifies the power of interoperability in helping rural and community-based hospitals and practices comply with state regulations,” said Luke McCampbell, Director of Interoperability at Azalea Health. “Azalea is proud to work with Iron Bridge to ensure our providers are accurately reporting to state agencies, therefore, better enabling them to provide meaningful, value-based care.”

Net Health Chief Technology Officer, Christopher F. Hayes, shares, “Interoperability is the spirit of Meaningful Use. It’s imperative that Net Health drive compliance through our clients’ clinical documentation and workflow. This immunization transmittal feature is something that they’ve been asking for and is especially compelling on the urgent care and occupational medicine side of the business. It made sense to partner and fast track this feature for our users. Given our large, national client base, Iron Bridge’s Pub Hub clearinghouse solution accomplishes this expeditiously and frees us to leverage our engineers to continue product feature development.”

Trust a proven integration leader for all your registry reporting needs.

Iron Bridge provides:

  • A Simple API that can integrate into your existing workflows

  • A quick enrollment service to enable the immediate reporting of data

  • A solution that helps your customers meet Meaningful Use and other regulatory requirements

With Iron Bridge Public Health and Specialized Registry reporting clearinghouse, you will have:

  • Reduced support and maintenance: Iron Bridge eliminates the need for you to build and maintain brittle, point-to-point registry connections

  • Simplified implementation: Iron Bridge manages all message variances, registry requirements, and connectivity

  • One efficient workflow: Iron Bridge enables its integration to meet your workflow needs