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At Iron Bridge we are actively involved in initiatives to promote interoperability through consumer engagement in healthcare.

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Whether it's a large reference lab, or small community lab; HL7 or API data exchange?.... we've got you covered.

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Electronic Health Records

Integrate with over 200 Ambulatory and Acute Care EHR's through our vast connection ecosystem.

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Accountable Care Organizations

Our ability to mine data from EHRs can help ACOs to control the cost and quality of the medical care delivered to their patients.

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Integrating clinical and financial data across systems of care for hospitals and health systems of all sizes and specialty.

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Discover The Advantage

  • Data Integration

    Finally, a cost-effective approach to addressing your organizations healthcare data exchange needs. Gain scalability and efficiencies moving data across the healthcare information ecosystem through our Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (Hi-PaaS).

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  • Data Acquisition

    Need data? Iron Bridge has been successfully helping organizations such as: ACOs, HIEs, Pharma, and Population Health companies quickly feed their data analytics platforms from multiple clinical solutions, data formats, and standards securely through the cloud.

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  • Registry Reporting

    Our Public Health and Specialized Registry Clearinghouse provides organizations such as: EHR vendors, Pharmacies, and Hospitals with a quick and cost effective way to connect to Public Health and Specialized Registries nationwide.

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Our expert staff can help your organization achieve its goals.

Our expert staff is ready to help you save time and resources allowing you to more efficiently manage other critical organizational projects.

No matter how large or small the project may be, we are committed to going above and beyond what is expected to help your organization achieve your goals. In providing 24/7 interface monitoring and support in addition to our implementation services, we are always looking to give our clients the best value we have to offer.

Performant Restful API

A seamlessly structured, simple-to-use tool for organizations that prefer API integration for secure data exchange. Regardless of the type of protected health information you need to exchange, we have you covered.

Modern Tools

Front-end assets that make using our services simple. These tools provide your organization with the capabilites to solve a wide array of common and complex integration challenges.

Built for Scalability

A cloud-base that provides unmatched scalability through smart automation software delivery processes. A true platform as a service, we deliver widespread interoperability via a single, simple, elegant deliverable.

Powerful Analytics

A powerful data acquisition platform that can provide organizations with rich clinical data-sets for real time analytics. In today's complex healthcare environment, reimbursements are shrinking and accurate clinical and financial information is paramount to success.

Subscription Pricing

Pay only for what you use and forget about large investments in healthcare integration hardware and software. We provide end-to-end integrations with healthcare trading partners through the cloud at a fraction of the cost.

24/7 Support

Our fully managed hub-based solution means 24/7 monitoring and support of your organization's data. Our support teams are all based in our Pittsburgh and Nashville locations and are the same qualified team that manages your organization's projects on a day-to-day basis.

See What Iron Bridge Has to Offer

We understand the challenges many organizations face in trying to navigate the complex healthcare information ecosystem and strive to facilitate a more interoperable healthcare solution for your organization's needs.


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