What differentiates Iron Bridge from other healthcare technology companies?

At Iron Bridge, we've built our technology from the ground up to align with the latest healthcare information demands and technology trends in healthcare today. This allows us to quickly simplify complex healthcare technology challenges. In addition, Iron Bridge is NOT funded by outside capital. This freedom allows us to apply our focus to things that matter, like our customer needs.

What are the advantages of using Iron Bridge's Public Health and Specialized Registries Solution vs building connectivity in house?

Iron Bridge's Public Health and Specialized Registries Solution allows you to connect once so you can save on internal development costs. This will allow you to focus on your business instead of on monotonous registry connectivity and relationships. You can be submitting data within hours instead of months.

How does Iron Bridge help meet the increasing demand for structured clinical data?

If acquiring structured clinical data is analogous to the gold rush, then Iron Bridge is selling the picks and shovels. Through Iron Bridge's Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (Hi-PaaS), we're able to connect to over 400 different healthcare information technology systems, including labs and electronic health records regardless of the source platform or data format. Once connected through our Hi-PaaS, our data acquisition solution transforms this data into meaningful information for big data analytics.

Are web API's the future of healthcare integration?

Iron Bridge recognized the healthcare industries' inevitable adoption of structured data exchange and pioneered the shift to RESTful Web APIs. Unfortunately APIs represent only one variable of the healthcare integration equation. Exchanging data with pharmacies, health systems, providers, and their multitude of health information technology systems is complex. APIs can speed this process up, but they don't provide process, solutions, and expertise to solve the equation. Iron Bridge understands these healthcare integration complexities and provides API, process, and technical solutions and expertise to help our clients succeed.

How Iron Bridge can help with Promoting Interoperability.

At Iron Bridge we are committed to promoting interoperability through the latest technology trends, managing population health, and improving healthcare outcomes through our advanced data collection products and solutions. While others spend unnecessary time chasing data across the healthcare ecosystem, we quickly leverage our Hi-PaaS to collect and transform your organization's data.

Does Iron Bridge work outside of the United States?