How Do Different States Transfer Immunization Registry Information Among Themselves?

Immunization registries are crucial for managing public health in the United States. Each state uses its own immunization registry to track coverage rates and determine immunization needs among citizens. As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, states will need to remain vigilant about keeping their immunization records up-to-date. 

But because each state manages its own registry, healthcare providers need an efficient IT solution for connecting to every U.S. based immunization registry outside of their area. That’s why states are turning to the Pub Hub 2.0 immunization registry. The Pub Hub 2.0 is designed to seamlessly facilitate information flow between parties through a single connection. . 

In our latest blog post, we’re reviewing:

  • The importance of Immunization Information Systems (IIS)
  • IISs and COVID-19
  • Benefits of using Pub Hub 2.0 for vaccine tracking

Read on to learn more about the crucial role that IIS will play in the upcoming months. 

Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Iron Bridge reviews the importance of immunization registry systems in today’s healthcare system.

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Immunization information systems are crucial for tracking vaccinations within certain geographic areas. Participating providers can record all immunization doses they give in these secure databases. 

Immunization Information Systems (IIS) are computerized databases that store information on vaccine doses administered by providers operating within a given area. The importance of IIS partially hinges upon the country’s regular vaccination process. A person has the potential to receive a vaccine from a variety of different places, such as the:

  • Hospital
  • Primary care physician’s office
  • Workplace
  • Urgent care building
  • Pharmacy

Wherever this person goes, they will receive a vaccination record after their appointment. This vaccination record then needs to be recorded in an IIS for the patient and any authorized professionals who may need to review this information later. 

Benefits of Using IIS

IIS are essential at both the point of clinical care and the population level. For instance, if a child is getting vaccinated, their parents will need to send their immunization records to their school. A patient’s doctor may also need to review their vaccination record to determine which vaccinations they still need to give them. Public health officials can also benefit from using IIS to develop programs for increasing vaccine coverage in certain areas, thereby reducing vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccines Using a State Immunization Registry

States are operating on different IT systems to manage vaccine distribution.

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As of now, there is no federal vaccine management system offered for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. 

Because there is no federal vaccine management system offered, states are using their own methods and technology to distribute COVID-19 vaccines. Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare uses an Immunization Reminder Information System to track, forecast, and remind patients about upcoming immunizations. Healthcare workers in Indiana can sign up for a vaccine using a scheduling app. Not all states have an IT infrastructure set in place to register people for appointments. However, some use tracking systems to manage patients that have been vaccinated.  

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations Using IIS

Over 42.2 million COVID-19 vaccine shots have been administered throughout the United States. As different healthcare providers continue to administer vaccines, they must remain vigilant about updating their vaccine records. This allows organizations like the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center to track vaccinations around the country continually. Because the vaccines require multiple doses and various COVID-19 vaccines are being used, it is more important than ever to keep tabs on these immunizations.

Meet the Pub Hub 2.0

Iron Bridge specializes in public health reporting clearinghouse solutions.

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The Pub Hub 2.0 by Iron Bridge is already being used to report COVID-19 testing. It may also be used for COVID-19 immunization tracking in the future. 

Immunization registries are necessary for providing key points on coverage rates against a particular disease within a population. This information can then help improve immunization rates in countries like the United States. On a smaller scale, physicians can also use vaccine records to determine their patients' immunization needs. 

Rather than operating on a national level, immunization registries are managed by their respective states. To facilitate communication between registries, the Iron Bridge Pub Hub 2.0 platform connects to all U.S.-based immunization registries in the country. The Pub Hub 2.0 platform can then transfer information among EHRs, pharmacies, environmental safety programs, and more. Customers only have to connect to the Pub Hub 2.0 once to gain bi-directional access to every immunization registry in the country. 

Iron Bridge offers numerous IT solutions for healthcare providers around the country. As states continue to roll-out COVID-19 vaccines to citizens, medical providers must keep up with these vaccinations in their respective areas. The Pub Hub 2.0 is connected with every immunization registry in the U.S., allowing clients to access all of the different immunization systems in the country. Contact the team at Iron Bridge today to learn more about our innovative health IT solutions!

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