Iron Bridge Integration (IBI) launches NuvolaHub, the healthcare industrys first and only cloud-based integration platform

  • Brian Brandebura
    Co-founder/ COO


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Brian Brandebura
Iron Bridge Integration

Iron Bridge Integration (IBI) launches NuvolaHub, the healthcare industry’s first and only
cloud-based integration platform

IBI launches NuvolaHub just as the use of cloud computing in healthcare is estimated to grow to
$5.4 billion by 2017 according to a report by MarketsandMarkets

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – Iron Bridge Integration (IBI) is launching
NuvolaHub, a platform that helps healthcare providers such as physician practices, ambulatory
clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations solve the problem of exchanging data.
NuvolaHub is the first and only healthcare integration platform as a service (HiPaaS) and
eliminates the need for on-premise hardware required by traditional integration engines.

Coupled with a robust fully audited clinical data repository (CDR) and a completely automated
enterprise-wide master patient index (MPI), NuvolaHub provides the ability to push, pull,
manipulate and analyze data gathered from disparate systems across multiple organizations
whether in or out of network.

“Healthcare organizations are in a mad dash to get their data in order to use advanced analytics
tools and submit information to outside agencies,” said Brian Brandebura, co-founder of IBI.
“NuvolaHub helps them accomplish this faster and with no upfront capital costs.”

Healthcare integration vendors typically focus on integrating systems such as a physician
practice to the local hospital, or they integrate a hospital’s disparate financial and clinical
systems. NuvolaHub performs these functions and more.

“We’ve seen organizations struggle to manage their ever growing number of vendor-required
integration engines and interfaces, but with NuvolaHub you can actually consolidate all engines
and interfaces into this single platform,” said Brandebura. “More sophisticated users can also
design and deploy their own applications, such as web applications, directly on the NuvolaHub
platform. As an added benefit, NuvolaHub is available anytime, anywhere because it’s in the

Best of all, IBI’s “pay as you go” model allows users to scale up or down as needed in order to
quickly meet increasing data and software integration demands.

Brandebura said, “We see NuvolaHub delivering tremendous savings for healthcare facilities
and physician practices as trends in big data for clinical research and meaningful use mandates
continue to push interoperability and analytics to the forefront. Our solution immediately
eliminates the cost of appliances required by other integration vendors that can range anywhere
from $10,000-$75,000 for a community hospital.”

Thirty-six percent of healthcare organizations already use some form of cloud computing, such
as for storing radiology images or electronic health record (EHR) applications, according to a

recent survey by HealthcareInfoSecurity. At least two states, Maine and Illinois, have health
information exchanges (HIEs) running in the cloud.

“Cloud computing is not a fad. It’s here to stay,” said IBI co-founder Brad Meyers. “It breaks
down the silos of data that exist today and will allow physicians and researchers alike to not only
share data but also mine that data for better, faster results in delivering improved patient care.
Building NuvolaHub in the cloud was not just the right choice for my business. It was the right
choice for the future of my family’s healthcare.”

NuvolaHub is now generally available.

About Iron Bridge Integration
Iron Bridge Integration (IBI) is a cloud-based healthcare software company headquartered in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. NuvolaHub is the first and only healthcare integration platform as
a service (HiPaaS) and provides physician practices, ambulatory clinics, hospitals and other
healthcare organizations the flexibility to quickly and efficiently manage their integration and
interoperability needs. Working with its partners, IBI also licenses NuvolaHub as an enterprise

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