Iron Bridge Launches FHIR R4 API

  • Jesse Reynolds
    Chief Architect

Iron Bridge Corp ("Iron Bridge"), a leading provider of healthcare data interoperability solutions, announced the production availability of support for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources version 4 ("FHIR R4") in its most recent healthcare data exchange Application Programming Interface ("API") through its Nuvola Hub Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service ("Hi-PaaS"). The new API offers Iron Bridge customers the ability to consume data from, as well as deliver data to, their trading partners via FHIR R4.

The new API is immediately available to all Iron Bridge customers currently using Nuvola Hub, regardless of their current EHR vendor's ability to support or implement the FHIR R4. Aligning with the goal of Iron Bridge to offer the latest technology to the healthcare market, the new API expands the capabilities of Nuvola Hub by giving customer innovators the ability to integrate with Iron Bridge in an efficient, repeatable manner, using the latest integration standards.

"We are very excited to provide our customers this robust FHIR API in addition to our already extensive RESTful API, IHE, and legacy HL7 platforms. At Iron Bridge, we have taken great care to follow the FHIR R4 specifications as closely as possible to ensure the most seamless integration with our customers and trading partners. Conversely, we have built a great deal of flexibility into our Nuvola Hub platform to allow us to customize behaviors for trading partners that may not have followed every FHIR specification," said Sloan Bowman, Iron Bridge CTO.

In addition to providing the new API that supports FHIR R4, Iron Bridge also supports the SMART on FHIR Application Launch Standard, which allows customer innovators to build apps that leverage the Nuvola Hub platform. This technology allows Iron Bridge customers to maximize their investment in the Nuvola Hub platform by unlocking additional value from their data via additional application functionality.

What is FHIR?

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources ("FHIR") is a next generation healthcare data standards framework that describes data formats and elements for exchanging electronic health records via an Application Programming Interface. The standard was created by the Health Level Seven International health-care standards organization.

About Iron Bridge Corp

Iron Bridge Corp. ("Iron Bridge") is a cloud-based healthcare software company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a branch location in Nashville, Tennessee. Iron Bridge's cloud-based solutions simplify the complex exchange of data between EHR software providers and variety of entities, including public health agencies, healthcare payers and providers. For more information, please visit