Elevate Hospital Operations and Patient Care through Advanced Interoperability

Top hospital networks trust Pub Hub for their public health and regulatory compliance needs. Our platform's ability to streamline complex processes and integrate seamlessly with existing hospital systems has made it a cornerstone in advancing patient care and operational excellence.

Unified Access to Health Registries

A One-Stop Solution for Public Health Reporting

With Pub Hub, Hospitals can concentrate on product development and customer service, leaving the complexities of public health reporting to us.

Vaccine Management

Single-connection access to all 64 state immunization registries, simplifying public health reporting and vaccine management.

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Electronic Lab Reporting

Optimize your lab reporting through full integration with all state registries, customizable condition reporting, and intelligent automation to reduce reliance on costly manual processes.

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ECR / Syndromic Surveillance

Enhance public health surveillance with comprehensive connections to all syndromic and electronic case reporting registries for efficient, real-time data sharing.

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Interested in QHIN/ HIE Participation?

Leverage our platform for comprehensive interoperability services, including laboratory integration, HIE connectivity, and QHIN connectivity, enhancing data exchange and collaboration within networks.

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