Pub Hub RapidReport

Electronic Lab Reporting

Intelligent Automation with RapidReport

Pub Hub RapidReport is more than a reporting tool; it's a comprehensive solution that meets the evolving needs of modern healthcare. With its blend of no-code ease and Intelligent Automation, it stands as a testament to efficient and smart laboratory management.

  • Define Reportable Condition
    Establish new reportable conditions or select from existing options with ease
  • Add LOINC & SNOMED CT Codes
    Utilize industry-standard LOINC and SNOMED CT codes for defining reportable conditions.
  • Define Rules
    Set parameters including patient age, reference ranges, and more to tailor reporting criteria.
  • Save Your Condition
    Finish by saving your newly crafted, reusable reportable condition to commence reporting.
RapidReport: Comprehensible Insights

Enhanced Lab Reporting Insights for Healthcare Professionals

RapidReport demystifies the complexity behind lab test reportability, presenting a clear breakdown of processing steps and applied rules. It transforms intricate criteria into understandable insights that are valuable to both lab technicians and non-lab professionals, enriching understanding.

User-friendly Interface

Featuring a user-friendly interface, RapidReport simplifies the selection of reportable conditions and delivers comprehensive insights and analytics on all reportable lab results.

Powerful API

Enhanced by a powerful API, RapidReport elevates data connectivity, offering a versatile framework for advanced interoperability and customization in lab reporting processes.

Direct integration with LIS

RapidReport enables direct integration with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), ensuring a smooth and automated workflow for transmitting lab results to state registries.

RapidReport: Versatile Configuration

Configure conditions your way.
Streamline your workflow.

RapidReport simplifies your workflow with versatile configuration options. Whether it's bulk importing via templates or directly building reportable conditions, setup is streamlined and user-friendly.


Bulk Import with Templates

Bulk importing becomes a necessity when we're talking about a large number of reportable tests. RapidReport templates help get your tests loaded without manual efforts.


Build Directly in RapidReport

RapidReport comes with a dynamic condition builder that allows you to configure codesets and reporting rules directly on your conditions for maximum control.

Advanced Security

Modern healthcare security employs a multi-layered strategy with advanced technology to safeguard sensitive information against unauthorized access and cyber threats. Discover how Iron Bridge is at the forefront of these security practices.

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