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Streamline Complex Data Management

Customize and Control Access for Every Provider and Location

Pub Hub's multi-tenancy architecture enables customers to manage and analyze healthcare data securely and efficiently. Our platform exceeds Public Health Information Exchange Measures, providing advanced insights for exchanging immunization information with IIS. With a focus on data integrity and accessibility, we help clients boost operational efficiency and support public health progress.

ONC's HTI-1 Final Rule

Public Health Information Exchange Measures

ONC's HTI-1 final rule implements provisions of the 21st Century Cures Act and makes updates to the ONC Health IT Certification Program (Certification Program) with new and updated standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria.

Administered Vaccine Insights

Access instant insights on vaccine submissions throughout your organization, staying ahead of the ONC HTI-1 final rule.

  • # of Immunizations administered
  • # of immunizations administered overall by IIS and by age category
  • # of immunizations administered electronically submitted successfully to IISs
  • # of immunizations administered electronically submitted successfully to IISs overall by IIS and by age category

Immunization History and Forecasts

Gain real-time insights into immunization history and forecasts across your enterprise, surpassing the ONC HTI-1 final rule requirements.

  • # of immunization queries sent to IISs
  • # of immunization queries sent to IISs overall by IIS
  • # of query responses received successfully from IISs overall
  • # of query responses received successfully from IISs overall by IIS
Analytics and Reporting

Gain Invaluable Insights into your Data

The Pub Hub Platform elevates healthcare and organizational vaccine management through its advanced analytics capabilities, enabling a seamless and efficient approach to managing both patient and employee vaccine data. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize immunization strategies, ensuring that healthcare providers and organizations can easily track, analyze, and enhance vaccine coverage and compliance among their populations.

Vaccination Status Tracking
Keep real-time records of vaccination statuses for patients and employees, ensuring up-to-date information is always accessible.
Dose Scheduling and Reminders
Automate scheduling for vaccine doses and send reminders to individuals, helping improve vaccination completion rates.
Employee Health Compliance
Support occupational health requirements by monitoring employee vaccination records, ensuring compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.
Reporting and Compliance
Generate detailed reports on vaccine distribution and administration, supporting compliance with public health guidelines and mandates.
Customer Statistics

Transforming Customer Data into Visual Insights and Strategies

Explore our analytics options featuring comprehensive reports to visualize and interpret your customer data effectively.

  • Unlock Insights Comprehensive analytics for effective customer data visualization
  • Mapping Public Health Networks View and categorize the connections of facilities and providers across all public health registries, along with the types of data exchanged.
  • Quality at a Glance Assess data quality comprehensively across all public health connections, providers, and facilities within your enterprise.
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