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We believe that in order to improve clinical and operational efficiencies, you must have highly skilled technology and healthcare domain experts and a modern technology platform. The combination of our Nuvola Hub Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (Hi-PaaS) and our team of healthcare integration experts provides our clients with world-class service and support while continuing to excel in connecting healthcare.

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Express can integrate through FHIR, REST APIs, HL7 X12, CCDA, and even custom data formats. Not sure, ask us.

Fully Managed Service

With Express, you don’t need to hire a team of integration experts or purchase expense integration engine software.  Express is a fully managed integration service.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair, transparent pricing that is affordable for our customers and allows Iron Bridge to provide a quality service level.

No Infrastructure Needed

No Interface Engines required.  With Express, we provide everything you need to integrate with EHRs, Labs, Registries, etc.

FHIR API Included

Express also offers its own FHIR API for customer that are required to provide FHIR API capabilities.

Real Experts

All services are provided by Expert Iron Bridge employees through our Pittsburgh, PA or Nashville, TN corporate offices.

Powerful healthcare integration for teams of all sizes

Who do we serve?

EHR Vendors



Start Ups

What can we do?

FHIR Integration

REST API Integration

HL7 Interfaces



How do we do it?

Integration as a Service

Delivered on Nuvola Hub

Real Experts

Services provided in Pittsburgh or Nashville Offices

What are you waiting for?

Our expert staff is ready to help you save time and resources allowing you to more efficiently manage other critical organizational projects. Utilizing our highly skilled team is a perfect solution for any project ranging from implementing simple HL7 integrations, to hosting and managing your organizations full healthcare integration infrastructure.

No matter how large or small the project may be, we are committed to going above and beyond what is expected to help your organization achieve your goals. In providing 24/7 interface monitoring and support in addition to our implementation services, we are always looking to give our clients the best value we have to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how our expert staff can help your organization achieve its goals.

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