Streamlining Reporting and Enhancing Interoperability
with Pub Hub

Leading laboratories, including a prominent pathology lab, have revolutionized their reporting process with Pub Hub RapidReport, achieving compliance and enhancing data sharing across all 50 states.

Comprehensive Electronic Lab Reporting

Utilizing RapidReport
for Efficient Lab Reporting

Pub Hub RapidReport's intuitive platform has empowered laboratories to streamline their reporting processes, adapt quickly to new health threats, and maintain high standards of data accuracy and timeliness.

User-friendly Interface

Simplify the reporting process for laboratory technicians and staff, allowing for easy management of reportable conditions and tracking of report progress.

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Reportable Condition Insights

Gain unparalleled clarity on your data submissions with RapidReport's reporting insights which makes sense of the complicated reporting logic involved in many tests.

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Direct integration with LIS Systems

Fully integrated solution for up-to-date results with access via API or Pub Hub RapidReport Console.

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Data Integration

Seamless EHR and Partner Integration

Facilitate interoperability with EHR vendors and healthcare partners through Pub Hub's advanced integration capabilities.

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