Urgent Care


Urgent & Ambulatory Care

Streamline Your Healthcare Services with Advanced Data Integration and Management

Thousands of providers and care centers trust Pub Hub for managing vaccines, lab reporting, and fulfilling interoperability needs, streamlining operations and improving patient care.

State Registry Connections

Identify Patient Vaccination Opportunities

By integrating with 64 state registries and identifying patient vaccination opportunities, we empower urgent and ambulatory care organizations to play a pivotal role in public health initiatives, ensuring communities have access to essential vaccines.

User-friendly Interface

User-friendly interface for both staff and customers, improving the vaccination process and reminders.

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Powerful API

Directly integrate with our powerful REST API to improve your immunization submission and query workflows.

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Direct integration with Trading Partners

Integrate effortlessly with medical record systems, healthcare providers, and insurance companies for a streamlined data exchange process.

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Comprehensive Electronic Lab Reporting

Urgent Care Organizations utilize RapidReport
for Fast, Efficient Condition Reporting

Pub Hub RapidReport's intuitive platform has empowered urgent care organizations to streamline their reporting of common lab tests.


Offering streamlined and state-customized COVID reporting, making the process straightforward and efficient for every requirement.


Deliver seamless and adaptable FLU reporting tailored to meet each state registry's specific needs, ensuring simplicity and precision.


Providing intuitive and customizable STREP reporting alongside a range of other conditions, ensuring flexibility and ease for all reporting needs.


Interested in QHIN/ HIE Participation?

Leverage our platform for comprehensive interoperability services, including laboratory integration, HIE connectivity, and QHIN connectivity, enhancing data exchange and collaboration within networks.

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