Iron Bridge Achieves Platinum Status as a Certified Software Provider with Florida Shots

Iron Bridge, a leader in public health and specialized registries, has achieved Platinum status, the highest level within Florida SHOTS Certified Software Providers. The Platinum status highlights the ability of Iron Bridge Pub Hub 2.0 platform to provide real-time, bi-directional web services access to Florida SHOTS on behalf of health care providers in the state of Florida.

Pub Hub 2.0 is a public health clearinghouse that is connected to every state registry and helps facilitate the flow of immunization data from healthcare information systems including, but not limited to: EHR's, ERM's, Pharmacy Systems, and Environmental Health & Safety information systems.  

“Iron Bridge earning the Platinum Provider designates Iron Bridge as a leader in public health and specialized registries,” said Darrell Crabtree, Director of Public Health Registry Services at Iron Bridge.

Iron Bridge Platinum Provider Certification Requirements:

-Real-time web services (QBP and VXU) includes VFC fields:
       -VFC eligibility
       -VIS publication
      -Manufacturer and lot number
      -Expiration dates
      -Service site IDs
      -Next of kin

Healthcare Provider Benefits:
-All transactions happen in real time (as soon as they are processed in the EMR/EHR)
-QBP option: Shot records are sent back from Florida SHOTS to the practice’s EMR/EHR
-VFC-mandated fields are captured and transferred from the practice’s EMR/EHR to Florida SHOTS
-The practice may be able to qualify for immunizing provider Meaningful Use criteria.

About Florida Shots

Florida SHOTS (State Health Online Tracking System) is a free, statewide, centralized online immunization registry that helps healthcare providers and schools keep track of immunization records to ensure that patients of all ages receive the vaccinations needed to protect them from dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases. The registry is endorsed by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians, Florida Association of Health Plans, Inc., Florida Medical Association, Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, and the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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