Iron Bridge Corp (IBI) Makes Meaningful Use Stage 3 Attestation Easy with New Pub Hub Portal

April 13, 2017

Iron Bridge (IBI) launches Pub Hub Provider Portal for bidirectional public health and Meaningful Use Stage 3 needs. Pub Hub is the industry’s first public health clearinghouse. Pub Hub Provider Portal adds bidirectional capabilities that enable healthcare providers, hospitals, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors to easily query public health registries, as well as submit public health data to state registries.

Pub Hub Provider Portal provides a simple way to query for patient immunization records with state public health registries and helps hospitals and providers meet their Meaningful Use Stage 3 attestation requirements.

The Population and Public Health requirements in Meaningful Use Stage 3 mandate that healthcare organizations not only submit data to public health registries, but also query for patient history and forecast. Pub Hub solves this public health data transmission and query problem by having prebuilt connections to all state public health registries through a simple and intuitive Provider portal, as well as a simple Application Programming Interface (API).

“The Pub Hub Provider Portal is not just for health care providers, it also benefits EHR vendors by providing a robust API that can be embedded into Electronic Health Record systems,” said Sloan Bowman, IBI Chief Technology Officer.

Pub Hub's flexible platform as a service eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware and software licenses. Unlike other vendors who may charge for each individual connection, IBI clients pay a monthly subscription fee for the entire solution.

“There’s tremendous opportunity to partner with additional EHR vendors looking to provide a Meaningful Use Stage 3 certified public health platform for their customers. Pub Hub provides a simplified process for providers, hospitals and health systems who want an easy way to submit and query this data,” said Darrell Crabtree, IBI Director of Public Health Solutions.

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