We Have Moved to a New Office!

Iron Bridge has outgrown another office since its inception in 2011.  We spent the previous three years at a location 1 mile down the road from our new office space.  While our old office served us well and we solved many complex healthcare interoperability challenges there, it was time to move!

Penn Center East is the home for the new office, which provides many great eating establishments, private gym, and walking paths for our hard-working Software Engineers and Healthcare Interoperability experts to relax and stay healthy.   It also allowed us to upgrade to a space that is roughly 3x larger than our previous office space and gave us the ability to continue our growth at the largest corporate office development in Monroeville, Pa 10 miles from the City of Pittsburgh.

While we were happy with our old space, we had several needs that pushed us to move.

1. Space. First and foremost, we simply ran out of space for our Pittsburgh team.  We need a larger workspace for our teams to collaborate, design new products, and solve complex healthcare technology and interoperability problems.

2.  Beams. Several years ago, we purchased several Beams from Suitable Technologies.  If you're not familiar with Beam, they are a remote-controlled collaboration robot that allows our Pittsburgh and Nashville office team members work together.  It also allows our customers to "Beam into" our conference room without the need to fly to our office for 2-hour meetings.  Our old office had some obstacles that prevented the Beam Robots from traveling from one side of the office to the other.  We found the Beams so crucial to our team that our CTO, Sloan Bowman, has a new dedicated office and Beam in our Pittsburgh office space where he is always available to his Pittsburgh team.

3. Talent.  We wanted to continue recruiting the best and brightest technology talent from the vast pool of seasoned professionals and schools like Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, Robert Morris, and other surrounding schools in the area.  The new office space with all of its amenities gives us that work-life balance that our employees need and want.

4. Events.  The new Penn Center complex has a brand new entertainment and training facility that is available to our company.    As innovate leaders in the healthcare technology community and interoperability space we felt it was time to begin pulling our healthcare information technology communicate together by hosting meetups, Healthcare Information Management System Society events.  This new office space allows us to do that.

It's been a roller coaster eight years for us at Iron Bridge, and we're all excited about the next phase of our company.  Even with three months of planning, we're still settling into the new space, but it already feels like home.

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