PITTSBURGH, PA - Iron Bridge Corp ("Iron Bridge") is pleased to announce that it has been granted submitter status by System13 for quarterly data submission for Texas inpatient and outpatient facilities to the Texas Health Care Information Collection (“THCIC”).  

Iron Bridge’s Nuvola Hub Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (“HiPaaS”) will enable Texas inpatient and outpatient facilities to quickly and easily submit data to THCIC by eliminating data submission impediments and allowing healthcare facilities to transform their data into the required THCIC data format.

If your facility is in need of assistance with data aggregation and submission in meeting the THCIC reporting requirements please contact us at sales@ironbridgecorp.com.  Iron Bridge also provides data aggregation and submission services for MIPS reporting.

About Iron Bridge:

Iron Bridge is a cloud-based healthcare software company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee. Iron Bridge’s cloud-based solutions simplify the complex exchange of data between EHR software providers and a variety of entities including public health agencies, healthcare payers and providers. For more information please visit www.ironbridgecorp.com.

About the Texas Health Care Information Collection:

THCIC was created by the 74th Texas Legislature in 1995. THCIC's charge is to collect data and report on health care activity in hospitals and health maintenance organizations operating in Texas. The goal is to provide information that will enable consumers to have an impact on the cost and quality of health care in Texas.  Additional information is available at www.dshs.texas.gov/thcic.

About System13:

System13 is an industry leader in collecting and managing all aspects of high-volume patient-level data (including UB837) for state, federal, and private healthcare organizations including HMOs, hospitals, clinics, ASCs, payers, and practitioners.

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